"At least this game wasn't delayed 9 years"


"You feel the earth rumble and shake as the atmosphere around you fills with an overwhelming magical energy. Straining your neck to look up, you see a towering stone guardian created by the Ancients!"


1-3 Miss No Damage
4-12 Eternal Wrath 15 Damage to All
13-16 Ancient Oblivion 35 Damage, -20 Defense
17-19 Immortal Guard 100 Defense
20 Ancient's Blessing Heal 75

Health: 300


  • The word Oblivion in "Ancient Oblivion" is now the color #C14E9D and italicized
  • Type changed from "Ancient Boss Adversary" to "Ancients' Creation Boss Adversary"

Trivia and References

  • The sub-title "At least this game wasn't delayed 9 years" is a reference to the video game The Last Guardian which was in development for around 9 years, Deck Quest was only delayed by 5 months
  • "This joke got less and less funny the longer Deck Quest was delayed" - Ash
  • The Ancient Guardian is one of the few "Pure Good" Adversaries 
  • The Ancient Guardian has the strongest cure action from the original set
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