"Assassination sounds good"


"All of a sudden, a glinting dagger comes flying right at you! You glance around just in time to see your hidden assailant: the legendary assassin Kyshon! Escaping his ambush with your life will prove to be quite the challenge!"


1-3 Card Edit No Damage
7-12 Hidden Blade 10 Damage
13-16 Sneak Attack 15 Damage
17-19 Umbral Cloak 15 Defense
20 Assassinate 30 Damage

Health: 75


  • Assassin Kyshon's racial attribute was changed from Human to Goblin.

Trivia and References

  • Kyshon is an anagram of Sky Noh.
  • The subtitle "Assassination sounds good" is a reference to the abbreviation of "all sounds good" which is "ASG". This is what the co-founder, Sky Noh typically ends his messages with.
  • The move "Card Edit" makes reference to one of Sky Noh's jobs in the making of Deck Quest, editing cards.
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