"Ni feyn do jun dreh ni faas"


"The sky grows dark as a massive black dragon swoops by you! Its umbra scales suck light in like a void, bringing darkness to its nearby surroundings. Soon, the only light left will be its glowing yellow eyes."


1-5 Miss No Damage
6-13 Night Bite 15 Damage
14-19 Overcast 15 Defense
20 Infinite Night 10 Defense Permanently

Health: 175


  • The Black Dragon's health was increased from 75 to 175.

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Ni feyn do jun dreh ni faas" is Dovahzul, or Dragon Language, from The Elder Scrolls
  • When translated the subtitle loosely reads: "Not Alduin, don't worry"
  • The phrase "Not Alduin" is a reference to the color of the dragon being black which is the same color as Alduin the World Eater from Skyrim
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