"Burn a cleansing fire!!!"


"You run into a strange person dressed in robes adorned with dragon bones. From a distance–a very far distance, mind you–he almost looks like the Dragon King. Of course, he's just a sweaty fan in a costume."


1-5 Miss No Damage
6-9 Wooden Aegis 5 Defense
10-14 Dragon Pull 15 Damage, -20 Health
15-19 Jump Attack 10 Damage
20 End of World! 5 Damage

Health: 30


There are currently no changes for the "Draconic Cultist" card.

Trivia and References

  • The Draconic Cultist and the Dragon Apprentice have similar robes.
  • Instead of having a Flame Aegis like the Dragon King, the Draconic Cultist only has a Wooden Aegis, giving him 5 less Defense.
  • Instead of using the Oblivion Pull, the Draconic Cultist can only use the Dragon Pull which does 25 less damage than the Dragon King's but still takes away 20 health.
  • The Draconic Cultist's Jump Attack does 10 less Damage than the Dragon King's Aerial Assault.
  • Unlike the Dragon King's Armageddon move which does a whopping 50 Damage, the Draconic Cultist's move End of World does a measly 5 Damage.
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