"A small, more compact Dragon King"


"You suffer upon a fearsome figure clad in the bones of dragons... could this be the mighty Dragon King? No–this is but his apprentice, a young girl named Kytilla. She was raised in the countryside and somehow ended up very evil."


1-3 Miss No Damage
4-9 Ember Armor 5 Defense
10-15 Void Pull 20 Damage, -10 Health
16-19 Aerial Attack 15 Damage
20 Draconic Burst 25 Damage

Health: 150


There are currently no changes for the "Dragon Apprentice" card.

Trivia and References

  • The Dragon Apprentice has somewhat similar moves to the Dragon King, although they are a bit weaker. They are stronger than the Draconic Cultist's moves.
  • Kytilla is half-dragon, but no one knows what else she is.
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