"Fated to fail"


"You feel a sudden shaking of the earth. It's rhythmic... almost like walking. Then you see ita monstrous beast the size of an entire fortress! This must be one of the elder beasts known as the titans!"


1-5 Miss No Damage
6-10 Crush 5 Damage, +1 Turn
12-15 Lugubriosity 15 Defense
16-19 Crunch 10 Damage, +1 Turn
20 Rage Strike 30 Damage

Health: 175


There are currently no changes to the "Dread Titan" card

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Fated to fail" is a reference to the Disney movie Hercules , in which the Titan's are destined to fail in overthrowing Zeus
  • The skill "Lugubriosity" is also a reference to Disney's Hercules where Pain addresses Hades as "...your lugubriousness!"
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