"We should've known..."


"Your game comes to a sudden stop. The Game Master looks terrified as they place down this card and whispers "It's Eoamour." Perhaps, a single tear runs down their cheek. But not to worry! It's just an effigy!"


1-20 Horrible Numbers! You expect me to be conventional? I don't think so! Your GM is now MY effigy. A pretty good looking one, too. GM, I trust you to elimate your players however you want.

Health: 555


  • Colors change to reflect "Secret Boss" status
  • Changed from a Boss to a Secret Boss
  • Fixed minor spelling error from elimate to eliminate
  • Health increased from 255 to 555

Trivia and References

  • Instead of actions above the moves, it reads "Let's do this thing!"
  • The type of adversary has been sloppily whited out
  • The Eoamourffigy is a play on Eoamour and Effigy
  • This card breaks the 4th wall
  • The "We" in the subtitle is in reference to the creators of Deck Quest
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