"Eoamour is key!"


"G:\Isqfm\Rwv\Dqgeks-d\Dqqe Hyssf Tceez Vqfmzsb\Apjyiworsum\-GRUS\QcudsirFfovMrezh-ckc.dns: Bik Jcuzr..."


1 Hsebsl rrr Dqsjvv Hhug afig sa aotl reqdyi xvaz mil sf mq.
2-54 Vyii'g az onkeqk 5 Pogrks
55 Fuzy liqohslp Vscajyi ccud zijx tixsm

Lsaxhb: 55


There are currently no changes for the "Eoamourian Madman" card.

Trivia and References

  • As with most Eoamourian cards, the Eoamourian Madman has an obsession with the number 55.


  • The card is ciphered with a Vigenere cipher using the key "Eoamour"
Limmb Uuzsreolp Human Adversary
G:\Isqfm\Rwv\Dqgeksd\Dqqe Hyssf Tceez Vqfmzsb\Apjyiworusm\GRUS\QcudsirFfovMrezhckc.dns: Bik Jcuzr... C:\Users\Ash\Desktop\Deck Quest Final Version\Adversaries\PNGS\EoamourTrueIdentity.png: Not Found...
Eqtuchj Actions
[1] Hsebsl rrr Dqsjvv (Hhug afig sa aotl reqdyi xvaz mil sf mq.) [1] Deeper and Deeper (This goes so much deeper than you or me.)
[2-54] Vyii'g az onkeqk (5 Pogrks) [2-54] Here's an attack (5 Damage)
[55] Fuzy Iiqohslp (Vscajyi ccud zijx tixsm) [55] File Recovery (Recover your lost files)
Lsaxhb: Health:
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