"Such a card!"


"You come across a mage who keeps muttering about rolls. This mage seems obsessed with rolls! Sandwich rolls, dice rolls, player role cards, you name it. Especially the concept of rolling a "natural 55," whatever that means."


5 So close!! Roll again. If you roll another 5, you deal 5,555 Damage, but if not, you take 5,555 Damage.
Everything Else Miss No Damage

Health: 55


  • Adversary type changed from Human Adversary to Human? Adversary.

Trivia and References

  • The Eoamourian Mage card along with The Champion cards are the only cards that start off with moves that can do damage.
  • Like all other Eoamourian cards there is a heavy focus on the number 55 present.
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