"Everything is an illusion"


"You run into a strange person dressed in robes adorned with triangles. He shouts at you: 'Kdlo wkh pljkwb hwhuqdo rqh! Kh uhdfkhv hyhq wklv zruog! Nhhs dq hbh rxw iru klp, ehfdxvh kh fhuwdlqob kdv klv rq brx!'"


1-2 or 10-19 Miss No Damage
3-9 Reality Shift All Player rolls shifted back by 3 for 3 turns, all Adversary shifted foward by 3.
20+ Ritual Summon an adversary!
Health: 33


  • The racial attribute of the Girzmtov Cultist was changed from human to demon.

Trivia and References

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