"Everything is an illusion"


"You run into a strange person dressed in robes adorned with triangles. He shouts at you: 'Kdlo wkh pljkwb hwhuqdo rqh! Kh uhdfkhv hyhq wklv zruog! Nhhs dq hbh rxw iru klp, ehfdxvh kh fhuwdlqob kdv klv rq brx!'"


1-2 or 10-19 Miss No Damage
3-9 Reality Shift All Player rolls shifted back by 3 for 3 turns, all Adversary shifted forward by 3.
20+ Ritual Summon an adversary!

Health: 33


  • The racial attribute of the Girzmtov Cultist was changed from Human to Demon.

Trivia and References

  • The Girzmtov Cultist is one of the very few Adversaries to have health that isn't divisible by 5


  • The words the cultist shouts at you are ciphered with a Ceaser Cipher that is shifted back by 3

'wkh' 'pljkwb' 'hwhuqdo' 'rqh'! Kh 'uhdfkhv' 'hyhq' 'wklv' 'zruog'! Nhhs 'dq' 'hbh' 'rxw' iru 'klp', 'ehfdxvh' 'kh' 'fhuwdlqob' 'kdv' 'klv' 'rq' 'brx'!

Hail the mighty eternal one! He reaches even this world! Keep an eye out for him, because he certainly has his on you!
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