"Rise undead! ...Please? For me?"


"You run into a strange person dressed in robes adorned with human bones. Is she... a lich? Noclearly still alive. So is she... a necromancer? Eh, debatable. She's clearly a fan of the Lich Lord Grisma the Gruesome!"


1-5 Miss No Damage
6-10 Mortal Stance 10 Defense
11-15 Get up! Raise a nearby Undead
16-19 Necro Slash 10 Damage
20 Haunted Summon an Undead

Health: 60


  • The Grisma Cultist's health has been increased from 25 to 60.
  • Her racial attribute has been changed from Human to Elven.

Trivia and References

  • Like the Draconic Cultist, the Grisma Cultist has moves that are slightly different and weaker than the one they're a fan of.
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