"Quick! Look for the shiny one!"


"You are suddenly ambushed by a horde of fearsome dragons! Each dragon has a distinct dark aura surrounding it, signifying that it is being controlled! They barrage you with endless elemental attacks."

Actions (3 separate rolls) 

1-7 Miss No Damage
8-11 Burst Flame 10 Damage
12-14 Ice Shield 10 Defense
15-18 Earth's Horn 10 Health
19-20 Converge 30 Damage

Health: 110


There are currently no changes for the "Horde of Dragons" card.

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Quick! Look for the shiny one!" is a reference to the increased chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in a Pokemon horde
  • The Horde of Dragons shares a great deal of similarities to the "Horde of Undead "
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