"Formerly a mason"


"You hear the sound of an arrow pierce through the air, zooming just barely above the top of your skull. Up in the distance you see him, standing about 30 feet back. It can't be... but it is! The Hunter of the Hills!"


1-2 Comma Splice No Damage
3-12 Literally Hunter's Stab 5 Damage
13-16 Friendship Guard 10 Defense
17-19 Gym +5 to next attack
20 Too Late For This **** +3 Turns

Health: 85


  • A typo was corrected in his last move from "to late for this ****" to "too late for this ****".
  • His racial attribute was changed from Human to Halfling.

Trivia and References

  • The caption "formerly a mason" is referring to his real life counterpart's last name.
  • This card is based off one of the co-founder's friends and Deck Master, Hunter Mason.
  • The move Comma Splice refers to something that is commonly found in the Hunter's essays.
  • The Hunter is known to frequently go to the gym, which is why he has a move that is just him going to the gym.
  • When sent what his card would be, his final move is what he responded with.
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