"Grismaking? Dragon the Gruesome?"


"You hear the familiar clamor of living bones rustling in the distance. At the same time, you also hear the familiar sound of a dragon's roar. Suddenly, it hits you! It's an undead dragon! A truly unholy beast."


1-3 Miss No Damage
4-12 Dragon Claw 15 Damage
13 Bone Fire 30 Unblockable Damage
14-15 Necrotic Charge Heal 15
16-20 Deathless 25 Defense

Health: 130


  • The move "Necrotic Charge" was added to the Second Edition.

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Grismaking? Dragon the Gruesome?" tries to mix the Dragon King's and Grisma the Gruesome's names since this boss is both a dragon and undead.
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