"Proficient in slaying other Paladins' butt"


"You see in the distance a Paladin battling with an undead. The circle of life and unlife is beautiful somtim–wait, hold on. They're not fighting! They're friends! Oh, no. It would appear this Paladin is quite rebellious!"


1-3 Miss No Damage
7-12 Misguided Light 5 Damage
13-16 Deviant Strike 10 Damage
17-19 Insurgent Shield 15 Defense
20 False Judgement 25 Damage

Health: 95


  • The Rebellious Paladin's racial attribute was changed from Human to Dwarven.
  • The Rebellious Paladin's health was increased from 45 to 95.

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Proficient in slaying other Paladins' butt" is slightly changed from the Paladin Role card. The original subtitle on the Role card is "Proficient in slaying undead butt".
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