"Or wait... was it supposed to be 'us'?"


"You've managed to find your way into the Valley of Uhz! This spiritual valley lies within the territory of the notoriously non-spiritual Orcs. This is where many Orc tribes come to bury their revered fallen warriors and chieftains"


Valley Clearing Starting Point
Tomb of Warriors North
Tomb of Chiefs North
Group of Orc Mystics Between the Tombs
Primal Orc Settlement Far North


  • Clairfied "Group of Orcs" to "Group of Orc Mystics"
  • Removed mention of Bel'Torg in favor of "Primal Orc Settlement"

Trivia and References

  • The Valley of Uhz is cannonically near the Orc capital of Bel'Torg although the "Primal Orc Settlement" is not Bel'Torg.
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