"Keep the rift weird"


"As you walk along, minding your own business, a weird rift suddenly opens up right in front of you! Monsters climb out of it at an unbelievable rate! It's probably best to leave it alone..."


Outside the Rift Starting Point
Rift North
Wzipmvhh Inside the Rift
Dld! Irugb Further in the Rift
Yvblmw Further in the Rift
Gsv Mvcg Further in the Rift


  • Most  Area names changed
  • "N eeom Xurdnmu Jicoj" changed to "Gsv Mvcg"
  • "Rizp Zfe" changed to "Yvblmw"
  • "Af Zvqww" changed to "Dld! Irugb"
  • "Otwfnp Xqtyi" changed to "Wzipmvhh"

Trivia and References

  • The subtitle "Keep the Rift weird!" is a play on Austin /Portland's slogans.
  • The original ciphers used were not encoded properly and thus don't translate back into plain-text easily or at all.


  • The cipher used for most of the Areas is a simple Atbash cipher
Wzipmvhh Darkness
Dld! Irugb Wow! Rifty
Yvblmw Beyond
Gsv Mvcg The Next
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